Case Study : ' The Case ' Of ' Savannah Smalley ' Essay

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Savannah Smalley
PSY2012 Midterm

I. The patient in this case conceptualization is a 25 year old European-American male who suffers from violent behaviors toward both men and women. He was recently released from a three year prison sentence for beating a man unconscious in a drunken brawl. Currently employed as a custodian although he does have an associate’s degree in computer repair, he cannot find a job in that field because of his past. Patient has been in multiple intimate relationships in the past, which have never lasted more than half a year. He reports that the women always disappear one day while he is at work, and he never sees them again. Patient is currently in an intimate relationship with a 19 year old female, whom he has been dating for 2 months. The patient was raised in a violent home where he was a victim of child abuse and also witnessed domestic abuse on a regular basis.
II. There are many Subdiciplines of Psychology that may be interested in working with this case. Cognitive psychology is the study of how we perceive information and how we learn and remember. The patient may have learned at a young age to act violent from observing both domestic and child abuse. The patient still remembers those events from his childhood in his adult life. Developmental psychology may also be interested in the case because it explores how thought and behavior change over the patients’ life span. The counselor would research how the patient…

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