Case Study: The Case Of Michael Bacon's Case

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Register to read the introduction… One of the factors that has caused Bacons current problem was that he didn’t take precautionary measures to hide the document. By leaving it on his desk, he facilitated the information to other people. Another factor that might have caused Bacons problem is his lack of communication. Perhaps if he has shared the information with his task force team they would have understood better and not leaked the information to other people in the company before the scheduled time. Another obvious problem for Bacon was the tension between him and other people in the company. Meir was not very supportive of Bacon and his leadership role, and felt Dr. Cornelius rightfully deserved the title. Because the team wasn’t united and didn’t rightfully support each other, it lead to a dismembered team at the end.

2. Early 1991 – Price of gold declines and sales forecasts continue aggressive for Aston-Blair results in excessive inventories of overvalued gold, silver, and platinum.
June 12 – Wynn Aston III asks Peter Casey (vice-president of marketing) and Chris Trott (vice-president of corporate planning) to reexamine the company’s procedures for forecasting sales. Together they decide to create a taskforce and select Michael Bacon (special assistant to Chris Trott) to head the team investigating forecast problems.
July 23 – Meeting set up with Trott, Casey, and the market managers for August 4 to present progress
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It was obvious that there was resentment from team members that the younger associates were put in charge of the assignment. The sales managers were angry that this task force team was coming in attempting to tell them how to do their jobs and change the way they do things. Overall there was too much conflict and resentment to get anything accomplished
What didn’t happen, that should have, on the day of the presentation was during the break, Bacon could have called a meeting of all the task force members and taken the time to unify everyone. He could have emphasized the importance of the task force and their recommendations and reassured everyone he was there to support them. He could have also gotten feedback from the members and used the time to develop a plan for what the team needed to do when they returned to the meeting.
Another one of the major issues was the lack of information sharing between team members. Bacons major problem stems from the fact that he withheld an important document from Meir and the rest of the task force team. What Bacon could have done, but he didn’t, was taken a moment to inform everyone of the new knowledge that came to light. Perhaps had he done so, the task force member would have felt a better sense of cohesiveness and finally team

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