Case Study The Body Shop

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Register to read the introduction… In my view I would say it is great, she was able to use her success to help other activists groups and promote her principles. And also if her purpose is to use her business to support her beliefs and help environmental issues then she did stay true to that based on the facts presented in the case. She has a responsibility to her customers and they know and also follow her beliefs.

What are Anita Roddick’s strengths and weaknesses as a leader? Should she stay on in a managing role or step aside and allow a more experienced person to run the marketing operations?

Anita’s strengths as a leader first started when she was able to build a company from limited finances, she was also able to turn her small business into a profitable organisation and give back the community. She stayed true to her beliefs and they were reflected into her business. She did however have some weaknesses that stood out. Anita had to face tough competition and the Body Shops products couldn’t compete. She was also had problems when marketing to US consumers. I also think that her hiring procedures were questionable and her stance on no advertising would make it difficult to get her message out. I think that Anita should step aside and let someone more experienced help with marketing the business if she wants to get ahead. She could take on a consulting role and lend her information about the organizations she wants the company to support. Without a sufficient marketing plan it may be difficult for her company to stay successful just by word of mouth, especially if she wants it to grow and not just be a small business
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Was it a sound business decision on Roddick’s part? What does the American Express campaign imply about The Body Shop and its customers? Is it different from the image of the non-profit organisations that The Body Shop endorses? Did Roddick commit an ethics transgression by advertising through the American express ad that contravened her earlier statements and policy, or was this different? How should she explain herself?

The American express campaign was a different way to advertise her company indirectly but without changing her original beliefs. It expressed the stores and the customer’s beliefs and showcased what they stand for. I don’t think she committed an ethics transgression because the ad did promote the company however she did it in a tasteful way. She didn’t advertise a particular product like most company’s do but shared her beliefs and used her power to spread the message like she wanted to do all along, it just so happened to benefit The Body Shop as well. She continued to follow her mission and role in the company and stayed true to her core beliefs.

Can a company such as The Body Shop succeed trying to balance profitability with an obsession with social

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