Case Study : The Bellingham Planned Parenthood Essay

720 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 3 Pages
In the Bellingham Planned Parenthood works a 55-year-old nurse practitioner named Kaylene. To protect her family from being persecuted and to protect her profession, Kaylene’s last name is withheld. From her soft grey hair to her sneaker-clad feet she exudes a motherly aura and speaks with a touch of a Midwestern accent. One would never think that in order for her to go into work she has to walk through a group of shouting protestors that call her a “baby killer” or that quite a few family members have deserted her. The challenges she faces are not new, the stigma surrounding Planned Parenthood has been there for a very long time. Kaylene grew up in Wichita, Kansas, a state run by “the most hated governor in the United States,” she said. She attended the University of Missouri – Kansas City and received her master’s in nursing with a specialty in women’s health. She eventually moved to Tacoma where she worked as a labor and delivery nurse and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest, then moved to Bellingham to work with Planned Parenthood, despite the negative politics surrounding it. “[What] I used to think of Planned Parenthood when I was growing up was that [Planned Parenthood] was where women went to get abortions, but now I actually think more of the yucky protesters that are always outside the Planned Parenthood down the street,” said Jazzmine Rosales, 29, a mother of two from San Antonio, Texas. “Nearly every day there [are] at…

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