Case Study: The American Legion

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1. How does the group define itself? Where does this come from?
Congress enacted the American Legion in 1919. It is a veteran’s organization whose mission is to help, including mentorship, wholesome community programs, and advocating patriotism and honor. These members devote itself to fellow military members and veterans. The American Legion is a non-profit organization. The success of each American Legion lies within an active membership and volunteer work. The American Legion serves its local communities (The American Legion, 2015).
This group in my local community helps veterans to transition into civilian life. They help veterans with disability claim issues, finding employment, and volunteer work. After having a car wreck in which my
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How do the group members control or influence membership--keeping people out and in?
The American Legion controls its membership by only inviting those with an honorable discharge from the military.

3. Why is the group a group?
This group exists to help veterans transition from military to civilian life. They help with transportation, education, jobs, utilizing veteran’s services, health care, and finances.

4. How do the group members view others within and on the outside of the group?
The members of The American Legion view others inside and outside of the group as a part of their mission. They are devoted to community service and helping those in their local communities. Not only do they care for the veterans, but for those simply in need of help. They are a faith-based organization in my local community and treat all people as a member of the church, or a brother or sister. My local organization of American Legion are involved with various programs within the library.
The American Legion (local) are not only about serving veterans but the community as a whole. We did a volunteer event in which quilts were made and donated to the Health and Human Services when they take children from an unsafe environment. They set up a booth for The American Legion, but a majority of its members assisted our booth. They even helped us to take our tent down, and close shop for the
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Where do the values of the group come from?
The values of the American Legion comes from the core values of the military. They stand for honor, commitment, and courage. They strive for excellence in the civilian world. The founders of the American Legion believe in “Service to God and Country.” According to The American Legion, 2015, this saying describes its members’ attitudes, and way of life. They are devoted to daily prayers and public worship. They believe that without God, there is no Americanism. Without God, there is no “land of the free.” Lastly, they believe in defending and upholding the Constitution (The American Legion, 2015).

6. How is change developed within the group?
The group develops change within The American Legion by a member presenting the problem in writing, and a proposed solution to resolve the issue. This is a two-part process, the preamble is a description of the problem or situation. The second part of this process is the resolving clause. This is how the local American Legion, department, or organization should solve the problem. The resolution book is used in composing and writing resolutions (The American Legion,

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