Case Study : Textbook Case Analysis Executive Summary Essay

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Name: David Ethen
Assignment: Textbook Case Analysis Executive Summary – Week
Date Submitted: 21 February 2016
Course (include the section number: MG495 Business Policy
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Student’s Signature (type your full name): David Ethen, Inc Retailing Giant to High-Tech Player
David Ethen
Park University, Inc Retailing Giant to High-Tech Player Executive Summary This case analysis will be evaluated which strategic way the company should go in.
Synopsis of Case
In July of 1995, sold its first book which created a new and innovative way of purchasing on the internet. The company’s website began as an online book store selling books at a discount prices, now you can purchase almost anything from them. Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO, made several changes to Amazon as it grew. Bezos strives to ensure that Amazon is perfect and is “aggressive in analyzing its websites traffic and modifying the website accordingly” (Wheelen, 2015). Bezos always is looking at expanding the selection of goods and services that…

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