Teacher Move Case Study Assignment

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Part 1: The case that I decided to pick from our casebook for this Teacher Moves written assignment was Case 4 Lucy (Grade 3). I decided to choose this case because of the grade level. Right now at my placement I am working with 3rd and 4th graders on math so I thought it would be appropriate to look at the teacher moves in this case. Throughout this case there were many teacher moves that interested me. One teacher move that I identified was, “In each lesson students first work in pairs and then share their solutions with the whole class”. Another teacher move that I liked that the teacher incorporated was, “At the start of math the next day, the class reviewed all the methods they had shared for solving 39+52. I asked them to use each method to solve that day’s problem, 45+39, and then we would discuss …show more content…
Another thing I think she was trying to accomplish was flexible problem and solving skills. I think the impact of the move on the student’s thinking is involved with creating a deeper understanding of numbers and solving addition problems using cubes and not just the regular algorithmic way. Also how the student’s use their own unique ways to solve problems involving numbers and seeing if they work or make sense. The Mathematical Practice Standard that links with this case study would have to be number 4: Model With Mathematics. The reason why this math practice standard connects with this case study is because the mathematical model represented in the case study may be represented in one or more of the following ways. The way that one of the students represents the problem in the case study is that she uses physical objects and numbers to show her understanding of addition. The physical objects she uses is base 10 cubes to show the numbers she is working

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