Case Study Summary: Braxton Hicks Contractions

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The next surprise to happen to the characters is Trin’s Pregnancy. Trin experiences pain in her abdomen, and the characters are able to ascertain that the cause of the pain is Braxton-Hicks, AKA false labor. Braxton-Hicks Contractions are a normal occurrence in pregnancy, and are the bodies way of practicing for actual labor. Trin, who suffered from irregular periods and other hormonal issues, is unaware of her pregnancy, something that is rare, but not at all unheard of. It is revealed that the father of Trin’s baby is Jared, who they had just recently saved. The fatherhood is confirmed by process of elimination (no recent sexual activity, in combination with previous serial monogamy, ergo last sexual partner is the most likely father). The …show more content…
The first way, a method which is ruled out is a procedure called Cervical Cerclage, often referred to simply as Cerclage. The procedure involves literally suturing the cervix closed, using one of a few different procedures. The procedure is done under spinal anesthesia, and often times the mother will be kept a few hours or overnight for observation. This is usually only done when the mother’s cervix is incompetent, meaning it is opening, or is going through the changes which would normally be associated with labor early. The main reason this procedure is not used is the week amount Trin has progressed to in the pregnancy. Figure 13: Diagram showing a Cerclage on a cervix. Image Credit: The next option, and one of the ones the character’s use is called Trendelenburg Position. Trendelenburg’s basic idea is to use gravity to assist in keeping the baby in. The mother is placed so that her pelvis and feet are above her heart (see diagram below). The goal of Trendelenburg is to force the baby to slip back down (or more accurately, up) and away from the birth canal and out of the pelvis. It has varying success but is really the lowest tech option among all of them to stop or slow preterm labor. Figure 14: Patient in Trendelenburg Position Image Credit: …show more content…
In a normal situation a vaginal delivery could be at least attempted, but with the additional complication of Cephalopelvic Disproportion, a C-Section is the only option for safe delivery. A Cesarean is performed by administering first either epidural or spinal anesthesia, do to capability, the characters choose spinal anesthesia. Spinal Anesthesia involves taking a needle and inserting it into the epidural space, and then injecting an anesthetic directly into the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF). The procedure is very similar to the lumbar puncture described earlier. This procedure numbs above and below the area injected, and is relatively fast, and it takes effect almost

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