Case Study : Strengths And Weaknesses Essay examples

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Reviewing one’s strengths and weaknesses is something that I feel like is a necessary evil throughout one’s lifetime. Yet it’s not something that I feel comes easily to many people. To take a good hard look at yourself and decide what you’re good at and what you’re not can be difficult. It seems as if when you think you’re good at a certain task, another person tells you that you’re not all that good at it at all. On the flipside though, usually people who think they’re terrible at a task are usually pretty decent or better than they think they are. I of course don’t count myself out of this category, but figure that I too have my respective strengths and weaknesses as a communicator. Also like countless other communicators out there, I would much rather focus on my strengths, and my strengths alone. I would love to push my communication weaknesses into the shadows. Away from where anyone else may see them, and so that I do not have to confront them. Unfortunately for myself, I know that my communication skills will always remain the same if I ignore my problems. Instead, I am forced to sharpen my communication skills into what they need to be so that I may be successful in the world of adulthood. Some types of communications come easier than others for myself. Communications over the phone and face to face encounters seem to be easiest for me in many ways. I am able to hear the other person’s tone of voice, and in face to face interactions I…

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