Essay on Case Study : Stay At Home Dads

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Essay 3: Stay-at-home Dads
Generally, women are considered to be more responsible for taking care housework, such as cleaning, taking care of children and cooking. The couples who try to split the work have still similar patterns of gendered distribution of housework. When the housework is split, men are generally assigned to the yardwork, such as, mowing the lawn, and doing repair work. Women are more expected to do the cleaning and cooking. According to the article” At-Home Fathers and Breadwinning Mothers: Variations in Constructing Work and Family Lives” by Caryn Medved and William Rawlins, “Even when market hours are fairly equal, wives still do more housework than their husbands” (202). This shows that women are almost always expected to do a little more of the housework than men. The article’s authors, Medved, and Rawling, describe the characteristics of stay-at-home dads, and breadwinning moms. They also describe how the distribution of housework is managed in these families. Also, society’s gendered rules pressurize men to not accept the cross-gender behavior.
A research shows that stay-at-home dads who did the care givers’ work at home more than two years show similar behavior patterns. First, these stay-at-home dads consider their own father less attentive toward their children. Second, they are in their 30 and have some career experience. Third, they appreciate the support of their extended family members, and appreciate having a small family. Most of them…

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