Case Study : Starbucks Coffee 's Business Essay

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Case Study #1 – Starbucks
The reasons why Starbucks coffee’s business is skyrocketing and very successful in the marketing today is because their business is making advertisement all over the social media, magazine or even on the billboard all over the country. Which “allowing them to interactive platform for their supporters and customers” said Quora. Their primary mission is not just to make the best quality of coffee for the customers but also to give them the best services and harm welcome to the customers from a well-trained staff. Customers are returning to Starbucks and they are willing to pay for a coffee that will cost them more than just a regular coffee because Starbucks’ give them a friendly environment and “Although they’re a huge company, they still give customers individual attention, which no doubt goes a long way toward keeping them coming back for more” said Quora. Besides the service, free Wi-Fi are provided with no cost, free birthday treat, drive through, and many more for the customers. Starbucks become very popular in more than sixty-five countries around the world and draw many investors and the stockers.
The advantages of Starbuck’s global international expansion in other foreign countries are when it comes to saving money for the company and on the labor, and on the materials with low-cost to carry out. Which “potentially saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars per year” said O’Farrell. The products will still be sold in the same way or…

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