Case Study Stage 2 Essay

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UMUC Haircuts Business Environment Analysis
Joseph Robinson
University of Maryland University College

Professor James Cole
IFSM 300 6381 Information Systems in Organizations (2148)
Fall Semester 2014

I. Introduction:
Strategy for Competitive advantage: Strategic differentiations of services
Business process to improve: Supply/Inventory Management II. Business Process Explanation: Current inventory management and supply ordering processes are ineffective in today’s business environment. Effective management of on hand supplies coupled with the ability to reorder needed stock quickly and at competitive prices will ease the stresses associated with UMUC Haircuts current inventory/supply business model. Achieving
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In making this choice it is also decided that expandability of the IT systems is a must, allowing future changes within the business to be met with relative ease and lower cost. Baseline requirements are an Internet feed, a modem with wireless router capability, a printer, an iPad, an iTunes account and application to manage inventory and barcode scanning (the last two capabilities may be included in the application as one service). This solution will provide maximum capability and mobility with reduced technical training and low start up cost. Local vendors will be used to procure the items in this solution. IV. Solution Components: Information Technology Component or Business Resource | Descriptions of Needs to implement the new IT solution | Hardware,
Software, Telecommunications & Facilities | hardware – iPad with the latest iOS update, high speed modem with wireless routing capability and a – standard iOS preloaded or updated on the device with “On Shelf” application to handle the business inventory and resupply requirements.telecommunications – business high speed Internet to be used primarily for data with option to expand use at a later datefacilities – no special facilities will be required. | IT Skills & Services | Basic smart device user skills will be necessary for operation. Built in tutorials

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