Case Study: Sparkplace

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1. Introduction


SparkPlace is a provider of online marketing software which was founded by the CEO Dirk Middleton two years ago. The company’s slogan is “Marketing is broken”. Dirk spent his career in sales and strongly believed that a lot of e-mails and cold-calls to promote sales were annoying for customers and deteriorating marketing. He thought that companies should approach to more interested customers who were already searching or purchased products by using social medias such as blogs. Following his believe, he started his marketing software company. Their main customers are small size and medium size companies. They call the two customers “small Sams” and “medium Marys” respectively.


SparkPlace develops and sells
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Vision, Mission and Objective

The CEO Dirk Middleton wanted to change the way of today’s marketing and he thought permission-based marketing was a good approach for both companies and consumers. As it was a main reason he established SparkPlace and developed the software, it seems employees understand the company’s vision and mission. However, they do not have a clear objective how they want to achieve them. As a result, Jane and Josh have totally opposite ideas to define their future main market. They argued to focus on only either the Sums or the Marys. To make matters worse, Serge did not want to involve the discussion between Jane and Josh.

Thus, SparkPlace needs to reconfirm their vision, mission and objective altogether. From the discussion between the three key people, it can be understood that SparkPlace needs more customers and they want customers to subscribe the software service for longer period. Hence, their vision, mission and objective can be described as follows.

To change today’s marketing approach and provide a simple solution.
To introduce permission-based marketing to companies to increase both consumer satisfaction and companies’
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Thus, their business can be defined as B2B business. At the moment, their software is available through sales team. They visit companies directly and promote their product to business owners and managers in companies. It is important for SparkPlace to consider making their product more approachable for customers. Thus, on-line sales are also considerable as a new sales method. - Value : SparkPlace provides a new marketing approach which is less annoying for customes and more effective and profitable for companies. As companies can approach customers who have already an interest in their products directly, it is a more effective way. It contributes not only effectiveness and profitability, but also good image of the companies.

- Education : Inbound marketing is a new approach compared to conventional outbound marketing such as cold-calling and spamming. It is crucial for SparkPlace to make customers understand how inbound marketing is effective for them. In addition, they need to instruct customers how to use the software to build their marketing strategy. It will help to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4. 5C’s

- Context
1) Legal and regulatory

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