Case Study : ' Sound Storage Studios ' Essay

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Shae Bedford
Local Business Interview

The business I have chosen is a recording studio called Sound Storage Studios. The owners name is David Balding, and his studios location is 17 SE 3rd Ave, # 205 Portland, Oregon.

Mr. Balding was previously a Publisher for Metamorphous Press, Inc. for twenty-three years, then a facilities manager at an integrated health facility called Lifequal Center, and now he is currently a recording engineer.

After a couple years of being under construction, Sound storage studios got it 's first paying customers in January of 2015. It started off as a home studio recording in a not-for-profit manner. When an appropriate commercial space was secured, and professional recording engineers signed on to participate, SSS was born. It started with one live room, then quickly after, another live room, two control rooms, a sound isolation booth, and a “green room” were added afterwards before opening.

Sound Storage Studios primary service is recording vocals, instruments, and editing and mastering them into professional quality recordings. While SSS was under construction, Mr.Balding was asked by a customer to make voice recordings of phrases in Haitian that doctors flying to help earthquake victims in Haiti could learn along the way. So, in addition to musical recordings, the Studio is prepared to do voice recordings such as "books on tape."

SSS is a sole proprietorship ran by Mr.Balding, though he plans to make it a limited liability company in…

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