Case Study : Shut Down Guantanamo Bay Essay example

791 Words Apr 25th, 2016 4 Pages
To the Editor: The plan to shut down Guantanamo bay is a very hard subject to agree with. I agree with what Obama is doing. Something that I agree about is saving the tax payer’s money and making the United States look better and have better Allies. This action has been planned since Obama was elected president. Many important people that agree with his action to do this really show that this could help us. McCain agreed and he was the president opponent, bush agreed and he was the one who made this in the first place. So this people who to close this too shows that this could be a very important change for our country. What is basically said is that the president wants to close Guantanamo bay. He mentions that the national security does not advance, it undermine it. Going on to say that this isn 't just his opinion this is proven by other people. Guantanamo bay can be used as propaganda in their efforts to recruit. As you said in your article, "The cost to taxpayers in the 2015 fiscal year was an astounding $445 million that is exponentially higher than the cost of housing maximum- security prisoners at the federal correctional facility." Taking this prison away would befit tax payers, most of us who pay taxes don 't really know what all of this going towards. Most of these people that we are "housing" are in jail are there on accounts that 's are not as important as the people that need to be in jail or prison. Also most of these prisoners that are…

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