Shame And Stigma Essay

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Shame and Stigma:
Some of the parents reported shame at producing a less than perfect child, others felt guilt at not protecting their child from suffering. Most of the parents feared how other parents would react to them, their children and their parenting skills.
One of the mothers said, ‘I would usually not take my son to the park. On those rare occasions that I did take him he would not play with the other boys and would continuously makes circles on the sand. How I hated other parents inquires about his behavior, I would just say that it is one of those bad mood days I never had the courage to disclose that he is autistic.’
The interviews revealed that the parents would try and hide their child’s problem. They felt that the general
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They felt guilty of giving more time and attention to the child with autism. They felt that the other child was being treated unfairly with his/her needs being secondary. Robertson (2002) found that parents tend to hold a less positive perception of their children’s relationships with each other than the siblings themselves do.
Inclusion or exclusion (school system)
Several parents reported that they had to remove the child from the play school because of the attitude of the teachers and other parents. Several schools refused admission to they child, they had a lot of misperceptions about children with autism and they were not equipped to handle such children. The parents were very confused about whether to send the child to a mainstream school or a special school and how to decide what to do.
Mother’s Vs Father’s. Women have traditionally carried the overwhelming responsibility of physical and emotional care giving in families. One father of a child with autism did not let his wife to be interviewed. He replied, ‘She is already emotionally very weak and would not be able to handle questions about herself and the child, she would

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