Case Study : Shady Grove Adventist Hospital Essay

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1. Identify what type of hospital you have selected and discuss why this is important in relation to their market (patients, community, competition, and government agencies).

Opened in 1979, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital operates as part of Adventist Healthcare delivery system that includes hospitals, home health agencies and other health-care services. Adventist HealthCare has its headquartered in Rockville, Maryland. It operates as a faith based, not for profit hospital. It operates as a 313 bed, acute care facility. The hospital provides a range of health services to the community such as high-risk obstetrical care, cardiac and vascular care, oncology services, orthopedic care, surgical services, pediatric care in additional to its twenty four hours Emergency room department. Because Shady Grove hospital is faith base, its programs reaches out to all sectors of the society, but the hospital does have a target market. The hospital’s target market is based on these segmentations, Geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral. Shady Grove Hospital target market tends to be geographic in nature. Shady Grove is located in Montgomery County one of the most affluent areas of Maryland. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated in 2014 the population to be. 1,016,677, with those under 18 years old to be 23.6% of the population. Black or African American alone accounted for 18.6%, while Hispanic or Latino, in 2013 was 18.3%. White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, in July 1,…

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