Case Study: Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley Essay

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Introduction Morgan Staley was founded in 1935, by Henry S. Morgan and Harold Stanley. Today Morgan Stanley is one of the world's top financial services companies and a leader in investment banking, private wealth management, bonds and stock trading. In 1993 a new president was named in Morgan Stanly, John Mack. He had a vision of transforming Morgan Stanly into a “One-FirmFirm”. From this vision came out the firm’s mission statement, Our goal is to be the world’s best investment bank and the Firm of choice for our clients, our people, our shareholders. Another important innovation in Morgan Stanly brought by John Mack was the 360-degree performance evaluation process. He wanted to create a team of people inside the Firm who would …show more content…
In the time of Parson’s working for the company their position climbed to third, with market share of 12.2%. In that time of expenditure Parson secured first-time business with more than dozen clients and many major deals with the existing clients. Even that his treats helped him to be the best “salesman” in Morgan Stanley he still had dark side. His coworkers blamed him of being sharp-tongued, impatient, and often difficult to work with. Also on the evaluation he had some very criticizing evaluations from the coworkers. After Paul read Rob’s negative performance evaluation he knew that Parson was having difficulty adjusting to the Morgan Stanley culture and that he has a problems working with people inside the firm. Although Paul almost implicitly promised Rob promotion to managing director this year, it will be difficult for the firm to promote him.
The main question that is bothering Paul Nasr, is Rob Parson worthy of promotion or not. On one side he has all the negative comments on Rob about his miss behavior in the office with the colleagues and on the other side he has his excellent performance and skills. The truth is that if Parsons does not receive his promotion he will leave the company for sure, which would be to some level devastating for their income. The main issue with Rob is the difference between the company and corporate culture of Morgan Stanly and his behavior. He does not respect at all his

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