Case Study Report on Communicating Change Essay

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Executive summary This report analysis the strategy used by Television New Zealand (TVNZ) for managing and communicating its massive unplanned change of direction and employee layoff relating to Horizon Pacific Television Network. Research for this report included review of several communication literatures via UniSA e reader and web pages. The report finds that communication strategies used such as face-to-face communication channel, human resources assistance, withhold and uphold strategy positively impacted while the communication timing, bypassing line hierarchy directionality negatively impacted. It concludes that communicating change was not very successful due to some unsuitable communication strategies implemented. It is …show more content…
However, TVNZ failed to help relieving staff’s negative feelings in this case. This was proven when a staff member’s commented he felt more frustrated and annoyed that his own boss could not give him the reason for Monday’s meeting. Klein (1996) found “Line authority is an effective communication” and ‘supervisor is a key communicator’; and staffs demand to have important and officially sanctioned information announced by their own boss. 4. Human Resources involvement TVNZ has adapted great process by organizing human resources to help lay-off staffs in counselling and CVs, etc. Although this did not do much to relieve staff’s negative feeling at that instance but it would help at later stage. This strategy also reinforces behaviours, morale of their remaining staffs. 5. Withhold and uphold Strategy TVNZ had adapted withhold and uphold strategy which it was normally use by organisations for downsizing and operational change (Crossman 2011, p. 399). TVNZ’s Board decision was withheld one week before official announcement. This strategy was implemented due to information secrecy requirement. As viewed by Hayes (2010), ‘there may be well special circumstances……there are also change managers who implicit values are secrecy’. However, Crossman (2011, p. 400) comments that ‘Information is withheld until it is absolutely necessary to release result a bitter staff culture’. Another

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