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Case study: Rakon

Management is an art of organizing and coordinating the activities to achieve the goals of an organization. In recent years Microsoft is the most successful group in the world because former director of Microsoft put has principles of management to work last long as a lifetime achievement. Bill Gates trust on the fundamental principle which is manager and worker both of us know that what they are expecting from that work like sales manager understands the sales, service manager knows the service. Microsoft hires the people who are best in his work not rather than influencing by other factors. Managers have to show his work in every disaster situation to keep his high work level continue if not he will be vanishing out from
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Pfizer senior director hired some genius employees to do the job well and more efficiently but in reality, performance was not satisfactory, A situation is same up to top level management, Jordan (CEO) decided a supportive work will do another organization for Pfizer, so it reduces waste time, increases efficiency and works effectively. So this is different planning, on the other hand, Rakon also has issues in top level management planning and organization skills can do this.

Chairman of Shareholders Association John Hawkins wants to vanish out Robinson family from director post. However, they can protest for shares percentage and reduce their wages and keep it on their performance basis because Robinson family has experience of handling business and in starting time Rakon has excellent remuneration, so suddenly cannot remove from an organization. It will impact on productivity and in a competitive market. Warren made a mistake by taking his family as directors because they don 't know the value of a post. They must be appointed as the employee, so it was helping to grow the business, understand the problems in lower and middle-level management after some years he will become a good director. Rakon has performance issues because they don 't have strategic planning and it gives a loss to the organization. After having a huge loss wages is still on great means irresponsible behavior because having a soft corner of share investment. So wages must be equal for all six directors or by

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