Case Study: Psychometric Assessment

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Psychometric assessment has always played a part in Cadbury recruitment process. However paper-based tests can be unwieldy and time-consuming. Applicants used to spend 90 minutes of an assessment day on verbal and numerical tests. After a successful trial last, they’ve cut this down to a 45- minute online experience prior to the interview stage. Cadbury feel this is a far more efficient way of achieving what they want to achieve. It also means they get better value out of thier assessment days because candidates can spend more time on job-related exercises. Historically the time that needs to be dedicated to conducting testing has been counterproductive in thier efforts to see testing used more effectively and more consistently.
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They use a wide variety of assessment methods, because they hire all sorts of different people to do different kinds of jobs.
Applicants can rest assured that each assessment method they'll be using is carefully designed around the requirements of each role. They'll give you the opportunity to show them that the applicants have all the necessary experience, qualities and skills they need.
Pre-employment screening
At Virgin Atlantic, it's important they have fun, work hard and enjoy life, but thier number one priority is the safety and security of thier staff and customers. The nature of the airline industry means they need to be very thorough, so the referencing standards that they follow meet and in a number of areas, exceed the standards laid down by the UK Department for
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If the applicant has been successful in getting a position, full details of what they require for referencing will be provided in the applicant offer letter, but here's a quick overview of what the applicant can expect.
During a behavioral interview, they'll be asked to think of examples of specific work based situations they've been in. They'll need to tell them how you handled it and what the outcome was. It might be worth thinking about this before the applicant interview.
A biographical interview involves a discussion about the applicant CV and employment history, outlining what they've done, what the applicant’s achievements are and why they've made certain career choices.
They'll use a combination of both styles of interview, and thier professional recruitment team will do their best to put you at ease. They understand for a lot of people the interview process can seem quite daunting. Their philosophy is that interviews are a two way process, so it's just as important for the apllicant to find out more about life at Virgin Atlantic as it is for them to find out more about you.

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