Case Study : Providence Mortgage Company Project Essay examples

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Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Project Scope Statement 3
Work Breakdown Structure 5
Risk Response Planning 5
Qualitative Risk Analysis 5-15


This project is for the conversion of Providence Mortgage Company from its current Business communications provider over to Horizon Telecom. We Horizon Telecom will be working to convert the four main sites A,B,C,D over to our systems with a full support of data backbone, and VoIP phones systems. In this report I will be covering the Scope Statement, Work Breakdown Structure, Risk Identification, and how we plan to accommodate the possible risk so as to make this project a success.

Project Scope Statement:

Project Name Providence Mortgage Company Project Number 2
Project Manager Carl Welch Prioritization 1
Owner(s) Horizon telecommunications
Statement of Work—Project Description and
Project Product This Project is to coordinate the installation of Cisco SF300- 48 port switches, Cisco Managed Firewall and Routers, and installing VoIP Polycom phones in 4 main locations. The Project will be duel deployment of resources to do a swap from old provider to our systems during afterhours. We intend to perform this switch by provisioning all phones and equipment at our office before shipping to customer site. From there we will have third party technician’s rack and stack the firewall, router, switches, and install all VoIP phones at customer site.

Project Deliverables The deliverables for this project are the…

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