Essay on Case Study : Providence Health Care

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About Providence Health Care Providence Health Care It was founded in 1997 and it is located in Vancouver. It exists to offer leadership in the health care system through ensuring that individuals can effectively access as well as receive the kind of care they are in need of. This health care has a good reputation as well as legacy of loving care that is clearly portrayed in their missions and values. In addition, it is a welcoming community, where compassion, hope together with love is always being expressed. It also offer rehabilitation, community care and palliative care. This community also understance what life is and this is the reason they consider life to be a sacred gift full of meaning and values. The Providence Health Care also goes beyond its wall to offer the health care services whenever a need arise and for the people they care for, they will always give them knowledge and confidence that will always make them have healthy and safe life both at home and workplace.
SWOT Analysis of Providence Health Care

Strength • It is the leading employer as well as service provider
• Uncommon strength
• Proficient staff • Mindset of wellbeing

• New horizon
Weakness • It is unrecognized organization
• It is small
• Shared budget
• Advanced technology and Equipments are not sufficient
• Insufficient funds
• Reinvent patient experience

• Embedded innovations and leaveraging new technologies.
Opportunities • Staff increament through employing medical…

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