Case Study: Project Management Body Of Knowledge

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Enterprise resources management (ERM) system. A system that contains all of the processes of human resource management, decision support applications, distribution, maintenance support, quality and regulatory control, and health and safety compliance into a single system (Wallace, 1985).
Information technology (IT). A term that relates to the use of hardware and software for purposes of transmitting and receiving information (Wideman, 2002).
Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). An inclusive term that describes the sum of best practices of project management knowledge within the profession of project management. The PMBOK is a body of knowledge was developed by practitioners and subject matter experts (Guide, 2013).
Project Management
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The participants were two success construction companies that were managing megaprojects. A comparative case study approach was selected for this qualitative study. The results indicate that the following features help improve the performance of projects leadership capabilities, stakeholder collaboration, digital technologies, and the ability to adapt, risk management, and to have all stakeholder including the client working together in a collaborative manner. If these features were not present then a project is more prone to fail. The limitations of this study was that it only looked at two companies, future work should focus on the different complexities that present themselves during the project life …show more content…
The purpose of this study was to propose a process called stakeholder valuing (SV) which would examine how to account for the financial value stakeholders bring to companies. The Boeing company was selected as the participant of the study. Data was collected by reviewing archival data form Boeing’s 2012 and 2013 Consolidated Statement of Financial Positions. The results indicated that Boeing does a good job of identifying stakeholders because their stakeholders actually bring value to the company’s bottom line 0.6% or 579 million dollars. The limitation of the study is that only one company was studied. Future work should focus on companies that share the same industry(ies) as Boeing; and research should be done to develop a comprehensive valuing process that consistently provides relevant, verifiable data for external reporting purposes. In addition, future work should give guidance as to how to define

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