Case Study : Pet Supply Store Essay

725 Words Jun 15th, 2015 3 Pages
SNHU Pet Supply Store is launching a highly anticipated new product called “Happy Pals”, an all natural pet food geared towards animal lovers. This new product will contain only fresh, organic, all natural ingredients that are beneficial to the overall health of the animal. SNHU Pet Supply Store has implemented a well formulated marketing strategy that will target certain potential customers.
The SWOT analysis helps to formulte the marketing campaign by identifying, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the organization. The SWOT analysis addressed major strengths of the SNHU Pet Supply’s launch of a new product. For instance, SNHU Pet Supply already has established itself and grown in the market and posseses the resouces to invest a large amount of capital into launching the product. Although, SNHU Pet Supply doesn’t have a reputation for producing it’s own brand of pet food there is societal shift towards organic food choices, and an increased use of social networks; which is an opportunity to establish an online customer base. Unfortunately, the SWOT analysis forces the company to consider threats and weaknesses. SNHU Pet Supply has to tackle the high cost of production. One way to challenge the high production cost is to refrain from using a third party supplier, and grow the products needed for manufacturing locally. Also, the product will be marketed at a price higher than competitive brands. It’s important to address the health benefits of the…

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