Essay on Case Study Organizational Behavior

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Why do individuals behave the way they do and perform well or poorly in the workplace? This question has been the Holy Grail of much research in organizational behavior (McShane−Von Glinow, 2004). A large American city was putting on some seminars for managers, and the main topic of the discussion was motivation. During the seminar a problem came to light that a captain of a police station was dealing with some issues with his police officers. When his officers first came to the police station were all very young and inexperienced. Although they really enjoyed going out on the streets, helping people and having contact with the public, one thing they really hated was paperwork. The captain needs he needs to motivate his
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In this case study , a local police department in a large city is facing a problem with his police officers lack of motivation to complete their paperwork at the end of the day. Police officers enjoy their work a lot but when returned to the police station they avoid doing the paperwork or they do it incorrectly. The captain of the department wants to motivate them and make them perform their work properly. Many companies try to answer questions on how to benefit from their employments’ behavior in order to create a positive outcome. The goal of most companies is to promote a win-win situation for both company and shareholders. As in any company, the police department has the same goals. The MARS model of individual behavior can help companies in general improve and create a win-win situation. This model describes four complementary factors that can have a great impact on employee performance. The four factors are; motivation, ability, role perception and situational factors. These four factors are highly correlated , for instance a data analyst is trained and has the skills to run reports (ability), learn how to use the latest tools (motivation), and to understands how will help a company to take the right decision (role perception), but the data analyst has not the necessary access to the files (situational factors). If not all elements of the MARS model are met, the employee behavior and performance will be negatively

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