Case Study Online Fraud

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Register to read the introduction… Each member of our group has in some way purchased merchandise from an online auction. In our experiences we have also fell victim to a form of online …show more content…
Our first action was to come up with a survey to assess the usage and types of problems faced when using online auctions. The first question in our survey was designed to establish whether the participant has ever used an internet auction website. If yes was the answer to the first question then the participant was instructed to fill out the next five questions. The second question determined which online auction site was used by the participant. Question three provided what problems if any the participant came across when using online auctions. Next we asked the participant how they attempted to correct the problem they faced and whether or not the problem was fixed. The final question for this part of the survey asked the participant if the problem they faced would deter them from using online auction sites in the future. The second part of the survey was for the population that has not used an online auction before. The first question determined whether the participant would feel comfortable using an internet auction website to purchase an item and then asked why or why not. That question was followed by three questions in which alarming facts about internet fraud and online auction fraud were given and the participant revealed whether or not they were aware of these facts. We finished our survey by asking a participant whether he/she still felt comfortable …show more content…
Rules and Guidelines of one site may not be the same on other sites.
„h Find out if the auction site provides insurance or guarantees for undelivered items.
„h Thoroughly examine the seller¡¦s description of the item. Some key words to look for are ¡§refurbished¡¨, ¡§discontinued¡¨, or ¡§off-brand¡¨.
„h Find out all possible information about the seller. Check out feedback posted on sites about seller by other buyers.
„h Confirm who¡¦s responsible for shipping and handling.
„h Ask about the seller¡¦s return policy. Can you return the item for a refund if you are not satisfied?
„h Email or call the seller if you have any questions.

When Bidding

„h Establish a maximum price that you¡¦re able to pay.
„h Do not bid if you are not intending to actually buy the item.
„h Save all information from transactions with the seller.


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