Police Brutality Facts

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Project 2
"Police Brutality Statistics and Facts." CopCrisis. N.p., 4 July 2012. Web. 25 Sept. 2016.

In today 's world new issues rise frequently and over the last few years police brutality has escalated to an issue on a much larger scale. Police should be here to protect the community and establish trust with the residents who reside in it. It is no secret that different races encounter different problems with the police, because of this tragedy the african american community has protested almost every headlining black teen death caused by a cop. Some races are more targeted than others whether it is just getting pulled over and searched or shot because of “attempted assault”. The community as a whole should promote an end to all of it.
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At some point the issues will get out of hand and the people will not know what to do. If the problem increases the government might have to control the food and water distribution in the future. Self governance can play a huge role in this upcoming epidemic, will we decide what we are going to do about it on our own, or will we let the government control rations. The theme for this year makes me believe that we should definitely start thinking about this problem now before it sneaks up on us and we are unprepared. Personally, I would feel very uncomfortable knowing food and water are becoming limited by the government. Currently california is having a dry season and it is harming their crops, the lack of water is making it nearly impossible to grow the crops they need. Farmers are researching better ways to irrigate their field and learning how to preserve water while watering their crops efficiently. The public affairs theme makes me think that the solution to the country 's food and water security issues can be fixed by the people. As a collective whole we can do our part for the community, by being resourceful and less wasteful and in the end it will make America more sustainable in the

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