Case Study On Jacoby And His Family

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1. Based on the information I have about Jacoby and his family, I believe I have information about the behavioral beliefs, evaluation of behavioral outcomes, normative beliefs, motivation to comply, control beliefs and perceived power for Arnold.

The behavioral belief for Arnold is that he thinks Jacoby’s behavior is bad. Not only does he feel this way, but his wife and daughter are also worried about Jacoby. They believe his behaviors are bad and detrimental to his health and future, although Jacoby may not feel the same way. Arnold’s evaluation of behavioral outcomes is that he is worried about outcomes of his son’s behaviors. He knows that his currently lifestyle will not lead to anything of purpose and the outcomes are all bad. The normative
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For behavioral beliefs, I would ask him if he thought drug use was good, bad or neutral. This could potentially tell if he thinks using drugs is okay. From there, we might be able to find out why he thinks it is okay. Which would lead into the next question for the evaluation of behavioral outcomes. I would ask him if he knew what drug use could lead to? I would also ask him if he was doing other drugs. A potential limitation is that Jacoby could easily lie, but it is important to know if his drug use has advanced. If he thinks using drugs is okay, what does he think is going to happen in the future regarding them? The next is normative belief for which I would ask who in his group of friends uses drugs. It is safe to assume he does not necessarily care about his family since he dismisses their concerns, and he does not care about the people he has sex with, since he does not use contraceptives. So instead, I would focus on the people he associates himself with the six days a week. For motivation to comply, I would ask him if he was ever pressured into doing drugs and if his new friends do them? It is important to note if only one person in his group does drugs as opposed to all of them. Following up, I would ask him if he stopped using drugs, how would their attitude change towards him and how would his work be …show more content…
This can include the possible resistance he would build, forcing him to move on to more dangerous drugs, addiction and withdrawal problems, and the physical and medical problems he could face including open sores, ulcers, deteriorating teeth, extreme weight loss and possible O.D. I would suggest they bring in an ex-drug addict to tell him how they got started and where they ended up. A more severe method would be to speak to him about certain consequences. Jacoby will be in denial and be resistant. He may even be very angry about the intervention. The family could each have an action they decide to take with him. For example, since he still lives at home, they may tell him he has to move out if he continues his drug use. As difficult as it might be, I would recommend Arnold not being present. It does not seem that he has displayed a good example for his son. His smoking and weight problem shows his own addiction issues and disregard for health outcomes. He may potentially be part of the problem. Lastly, I would change his control beliefs and perceived power. I would speak to him about how it is early enough for him to gain control over the problem. He could easily change his behavior before it becomes too overwhelming. Then for perceived power, I would show him that there are methods for quitting that are effective such

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