Case Study On Charlie Life

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Did Charlies life improve? Essay

Being intelligent will carry a consequence with social life, or other applications. There was a guy named Charlie, whom yearned to become intelligent. He couldn’t spell words properly and fell behind on certain test. Moreover, he soon became smart, but lost it and then fell right back to being ignorant. If you want to be smart, you must practice and work yourself every day, and also bare with the results of people feeling envy toward you. Then comes the question, did Charlie Benefit?

Charlies life actually did improve, even after he lost all his knowledge. As a matter of fact, if you look at the situation from a view, in the story, Charlie learned and improved the spelling of his words. He was educated by
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Likewise, with Charlie being smarter than the average co-workers and creating prosperous things, many people showed envy and became atrocious toward him and it revealed most of the people who viewed him as an infant, now wanting to terminate what Charlie already has going for him. People at the factory were used to Charlie being ignorant and oblivious, that they would laugh at his mistakes and belittle him. Then Charlie became knowledgeable and smart, smarter than the workers, and it soon became an issue. In the story, people from the factory began to scam and downcast Charlie. They would give him looks and tell him he’s inferior and good for nothing, when on the inside, they’re jealous and can’t handle the fact that Charlie, who was dumb, is now more intelligent than they …show more content…
People inherit jealousy very easily when they witness someone becoming successful and they will do whatever it takes to depreciate you and steal your gift, or eliminate any chance you have. Charlie, however, saw that and was able to interpret that and think of himself as someone more important than he originally thought. He learned from that to not let someone else clarify who he is or tell him who he should be, and to ignore and triumph over the hate and take it as a sign or prosperity. As noted in the story, Charlie said he doesn’t care what people think of him. Charlie realized from all the events of committing errors, being drunk, all the way to running operations and outsmarting the factory, that the people who laughed at him and toyed with him before and got furious with him were not his real friends, and his real friends were the ones who were proud and still there for him in the

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