Observation On Student Development

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8. Ethan was born on 2/25/12. He is three years and eight months old. Ethan was not very active in the time that I observed him, but they were doing a sit-down activity so that was to be expected. After everyone was sitting down at the table and had the activity explained to them, Ethan got up and ran away to the other side of the room because he did not want to participate in the activity. This is an example of a large muscle skill. The activity that Ethan was participating in was drawing what they thought that the weeds on the table looked like. This activity required Ethan to be able to hold a pencil and control his hand to write on the paper. He also wrote his name on the paper. These are examples of small muscle skills. A child …show more content…
In my lab school observations, it became more apparent how the student’s individual differences affected the way that the teacher would interact with each student. It was obvious to me that the teachers knew about all of the norms of development and were guiding the students towards those norms in subtle ways. I learned that knowing the different stages is important, but what is more important is knowing how to apply that knowledge to each individual student, to know how you can help them develop. I definitely will look for a child care setting that is as high-quality as the lab school was. It seemed important, especially in the younger group, that each teacher was ‘responsible’ for a few students, although they helped with all of the students. This means that there is one person who is kind of ‘monitoring’ the student’s development and can answer any kinds of questions that may arise. I liked how in the older lab school, there were areas for the different kinds of activities and the areas were only used for that activity. It kept the students focused on the activity at hand because they had an idea of what they were going to be doing because of the area of the room that they were in. I really enjoyed the observation assignment because it gave me a chance to look at what working in an ECE classroom would be like. I never had experience in an ECE classroom, besides when I was in them as a student. It showed me that an ECE classroom is where I want to

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