Swot Analysis Of Xen Cinema Lenses

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Xeen cinema lenses: 3 now, 3 more to come
Three new cinema lenses, 24, 50 and 85, all at T1.5 are the offer of a new name in the market: Xeen. Another way to say Samyang or Rokinon.
Introduced in 2015, the new Xeen lenses for video and cinema are, as the information available suggests, “a masterpiece of design” only possible with the feedback from professional directors of photography. Samyang states they represent, also, the culmination of the company’s expertise in optical engineering.
Xeen, the name for the new lenses comes from the experience of ‘scene’ and ‘seen.’ The first letter is replaced by an ‘X,’ which represents infinity; limitless experiences and possibilities. Xeen aims to deliver superior optics, for maximum user satisfaction. Samyang refers to the bright T1.5 aperture and outstanding performance for 4K+, as essential aspects of the new lenses. The trio allows users to
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The materials, build quality, optics, mechanics and especially the image, are nothing but amazing.” Youngchul Kim, Vice-chairman of Moving Image Technology Association of Korea and teacher of young cinematographers, also commented that “Xeen will be a beloved tool in the arsenal of directors all over the world. It sets my heart aflutter.”
The best source for information, at the moment, may be the article published by Matthew Duclos on his website: Rokinon Takes Aim with New Xeen Cinema Prime Lenses. The author tried the new lenses for some time, so his comments are based on real world experience, making for some interesting reading if you’re interested in the subject. Let’s just say that Matthew Duclos says there is nothing revolutionary on the Xeen line, they are just well made lenses. This may be the most important element to most users.

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