Case Study Of Walmart's Marketing Strategy

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Register to read the introduction… Almost 50% of Walmart’s online traffic is accounted for by Mobile devices, so they are developing a marketing strategy that will cater to shoppers who use mobile devices while in the retail giant’s stores. Their results are paying off as Walmart ranks one of the top shopping destinations for millennials age 24 and younger.

Walmart acquired Kosmix, a social media company that centered on e-commerce by aggregating real-time information from various online sources and sorting it by topic. Kosmix helped them discover that a majority of adults age 18 to 29 have smartphones and in addition to using their mobile devices to research and price consumer goods, shoppers also are using them to make purchases. One study showed that 41% of consumers who used a smartphone to help with purchasing decisions during the holiday shopping season of 2014 also used the phone to buy an
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The game ended up becoming the best performing branded game ever launched, ranking number one in 12 countries and top ten in 36 countries. One contributor to this success was PikPok, a proven game developer, which Oreo partnered with. There was a dedicated micro-website and a lot of buzz on social media. The campaign got 433 million Facebook views with +280% increase in shares, created 231 million media impressions, +2,600 media stories recognizing the rejuvenation and making Oreo the brand with the highest buzz increase in 2014 …show more content…
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