Case Study of Wage and Salary Administration Essay

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I. Important Concepts

II. Categories
III. Incidence
IV. Models to Explain

Important Concepts

Psychopathology Defined

Medical Student’s Syndrome




Psychopathology Defined

Means sickness of the mind.

There are many synonyms:

Emotional Disorder Craziness

Lunacy Mental Illness

Mental Deviation Nervous Disease

Mental Abnormality Psychiatric Illness

Psychopathology Etc.

Medical Student’s Syndrome

Medical student’s studying the heart became sensitive to the sounds of their own hearts.

We are studying the mind.

Lets not get carried away analyzing ourselves.

If you feel you have a serious problem, there is a counseling center on campus.
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Compulsion - a behavior you cannot stop performing.

Washing, cleaning, & checking are the most common.


Frequently accompany other disorders.

Anxiety here is specific.

Are 3 broad categories:


Fear anyplace where might be trapped or unable to receive help in an emergency.

Often accompanies panic disorder.

Are usually very dependent people.

Is the most common & the hardest to treat.

Social Phobias

Are insecure in social situations

Have a fear of embarrassing themselves.

Simple Phobias

Is a fear of an animal, object or situation.

Over 300 have been named. Exs.




Major Symptoms

Major Types


Schizophrenia Facts

Have difficulty sorting out the real from unreal, in keeping track of their thoughts, & responding to the everyday events in life.

Involves personality disintegration & a loss of contact with reality.

This group occupies about half the beds in mental hospitals.

Occurs equally in men & women, but tends to occur at an earlier age in men than women.

Typical age of onset is 15 - 35.

Schizophrenia: Major Symptoms

Disordered Thinking

Disturbances of Perception

Disturbances of Emotion

Communication Difficulties

Bizarre Motor Behavior

Disordered Thinking

Autistic Thinking - Absorption in fantasy.

Prelogical Thinking - Thought processes are primitive & incomplete.

Delusions -

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