Case Study Of Villa Lante-Bagnaia, Italy

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PROJECT EXAMPLE: Villa Lante- Bagnaia, Italy
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CATEGORY TWO: Public Parks
PROJECT EXAMPLE: Prospect Park- Brooklyn, New York
1. Meier, Allison C. "Brooklyn History: Prospect Park - Brooklyn Based." Brooklyn Based. N.p., 18 Sept. 2012. Web. 26 Oct. 2014.
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The woods are located outside of Tate’s Hell State Forest, therefore there are not under protection from the state and can be altered. While most of the vegetation used to be wet prairies and flat woods, basin swamps, and pine ridges and scrub, the area had been drained and most of the vegetation had been converted to pine monoculture. This, in turn, caused a decrease in the wildlife that lived there. This new beachside community targets people from any age, that either want a relaxing weekend on the beach, or an exciting party trip with friends. Also, the price to stay in this community would be much less than a place in Seaside or Panama …show more content…
Brian Canin, the founder owner and president of Canin Associates, has a Master’s of Architecture Degree in Urban Deign from Harvard University. He also has over forty years of experience working throughout the country and even the world. While most of their work are large scale residential communities, I believe that their style of architecture and planning will definitely fit in my small scale beachside community. Canin Associates are three different studios that work together as one firm. These three studios include, urban planning, landscape architecture, and architectural

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