Case Study Of Urban Ministry Center Helps The Homeless

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Urban Ministry Center Helps the Homeless
Miski Jafe
Central Piedmont Community College

Urban Ministry Center Helps the Homeless
Homelessness is all around the world and homelessness is rapidly growing across the world. Poverty is the most common reason that most of the people have to face the miserable life of living without shelter. Millions of Americans are homeless, many American people had experience or dealt with the issue. Urban Ministry Center Helps the Homeless, the depredations of homelessness have a great influence on the importance of having a home for the well-being of the individuals and families. For many people, homelessness is either abstraction, a term which refers to a distant problem, or simply an annoyance.
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In addition, they launched an ambitious plan to end chronic homelessness. Discussions on how to solve this problem began in 2008 when police ruined temporary shelters of those who live in the streets near the county-owned Hall Marshall Center. The city was in crucial need to solve this problem; thus, the issue became one of the most important on the agenda. “They are the people at greatest risk of dying in the street”, said executive director of Urban City Center and initiative’s project manager, Dale Mullennix (Perlmutt, 2015). Their financial aim is to gather $11 million, of that money sixty percentage will be spent on a new 100-unit facility and the services, forty percentage will be used to operate the facility. The group is going to place more than 450 chronic homeless, who are considered the most vulnerable, those who sleep in parks or under the bridges (Perlmutt, 2015). They intend to use the strategy called housing first, for people with mental or physical illnesses or other disabilities. The method is different as it provides supportive housing before sobering up the homeless. The core principles of the approach are that housing is a basic human right, not a reward for clinical success and that a presence of the permanent shelter excludes chaos from a person’s life, which eventually leads to an …show more content…
They strongly believe that a power of good deeds can end homelessness one and for all. As the result of their activity, those who live on the streets have an opportunity to break the vicious circle of life and thrive in a new place to live. The Urban Ministry Center’s approach helps to reduce the crime rate and hospital expenses among homeless which is proved by statistics. This shows that supportive housing and permanent help for this population saves lives and saves community money. Their project of housing first, which recognizes a fundamental right to housing, supports primary human rights and gives a chance for a new happy

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