Case Study Of The Product Adoption Process Of Apple

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A. Summary of Article: These past few years, Apple has made most of its profits and revenues out of products like the iPhone, rather its Macs and IPads. However, lately sales have not been as good as expected since the launch of their newest phone, iPhone 6s Plus. Unfortunately, this trend has been predicted to continue, meaning sales will continue to drop for the company. As such, in an effort to increase revenue, Apple has decided to launch the new iPhone SE, a hybrid between the iPhone 6s and iPhone 5s that will cost less than the iPhone 6s yet contain several of the upgrades, all while looking like the iPhone 5s. Clearly, they hope this will help them fight the recent trend in which consumers keep their phone for a few years before switching …show more content…
The article evidently depicts an issue in the product adoption process within Apple Inc. Although, customers are always very aware of Apple’s newest phones, like the iPhone 6s, there is a great lack of interest in them. Evidently, this disinterest has caused revenues and profit to decline recently. Subsequently, Apple has decided to drop the new iPhone SE, a bit of an in between the iPhone 5s and the 6s model in hope of increasing revenues for the company once more. (Chapter 10, page 271)
• Innovators: First adopters of new products. Technology-wise, especially in the world of Apple and iOS, a big amount of their clients are innovators. Recently, however, it seems that even if there are several innovators still out there, this number has largely decreased. Given that revenues have waned, it is pretty apparent that this is the case, which is terrible for not only Apple Inc., but for other technology-related businesses. Obviously, they hope the newest iPhone SE will cause innovators to buy it more than the iPhone 6s. (Chapter 10, page
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Personal Observation: As a millennial and an Android user, I have, in all honesty, always considered Apple’s constant upgrades to the iOS system with new phones a bit unnecessary. However, lately I have noticed that even some of the most faithful Apple users are not willing to upgrade as often now. Obviously, there are still some innovators and early adopters out there willing to change to the newest iPhone, but for the most part, not many people I personally know, which are also mostly millennials, have upgraded to iPhone 6s. Likewise, I have seen online commentary concerning the iPhone SE and how everyone is grateful that will make bring their iPhone 5s back in style as it looks almost identical to the newest Apple phone. As it is, it seems clear that Apple’s revenues will keep spiraling down, for people do not seem willing to pay more for a newer yet almost completely unnecessary phone with just minor

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