Macromed Case Study Summary

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Computers, on a general term have always been considered as a vital source for improving any business’s performance and are meant to contribute in growth and development. Previously it was considered that computers are only used for the computational tasks like rapidly multiplying large numbers. But later it came to the knowledge that computers are not fundamentally number crunchers. They are symbol processors. Computers can help in storing, organizing and transforming the information in a refined manner, mostly in the form of texts, videos and audio.
As time passed and now in this modern era, computers have become common and cheap therefore because of this now managers have started using making them an integral part of their process and have started reaping its benefits by using IT to invent new and refined processes that are in line with the
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MacroMed was a large medical products manufacturing company which in their desire to introduce product customization made large investment in IT along with other corresponding changes such as changes in decision rights, giving right authority to the workers, communication and teamwork, process and workflow innovation and the interactions with the suppliers and the customers.
Despite of all these changes made, MacroMed Fell well short of its expectations for greater flexibility and responsiveness. The reasons when found came to be that the Line workers because of their habits of focusing on the old obsolete work practices incorporated those in their work unintentionally and also as the method of doing the work was similar for the old and new machines; it made the employees mixed up and confused. Therefore they were not able to fully adopt the new method of doing the

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