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3DR Solo 2.0

Created by the technological wizards at 3D Robotics, the 3DR Solo 2.0 is billed as "the drone with a brain." Oddly enough, the drone does not come with a camera or a gimbal system out of the box; instead, you have to buy both separately. The good news is that the 3-axis gimbal supports any GoPro 4 camera, making for some fantastic customization options. Amazon has the 3DR Solo 2.0 for sale at $559, $599 if you would like the gimbal included. 3D Robotics, meanwhile, offers the drone for $799.95 by itself, $999.95 if you would like the gimbal with it. We think it 's pretty obvious which one is the better deal.

One specification we immediately noticed that DJI 's drones lacked was how much the drone could carry. The Solo can handle payloads of up to 800 grams, which is a little over 1.5 lbs. However, this cuts its top speed from 20 miles per hour to 15 miles per hour. Another interesting feature lies in
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In the end, our favorite was the Phantom 4. Despite the fact it is one of the pricier drones on our list, none of the other drones we covered was as feature-rich as the Phantom 4 was. Paired with its future compatibility with Epson 's Augmented Reality Glasses, we believe the drone will have some very exciting applications in the future. It may be worth waiting to see if Epson and DJI will offer the two devices together in a bundle to save money. Seeing where your drone is flying in real time was just too interesting a prospect for us to ignore. It is also very much worth noting that it is lower in price than the Inspire, especially if you take into account the mystifying battery issue. The Phantom 4 's excellent top speed, 4K camera and decent battery life make the future look quite promising and we hope Epson and DJI won 't let us

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