Concession Stand Case Study

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As shown in section above, our total annual cost is $58,400 which is the sum of two identical events that are estimated to cost $29,200. Fortunately, we will be having a concession stand throughout each event that is estimated to bring in $3,000 in revenue, lowering the total cost to $26,200; thus yielding to a total cost of $52,400 per year. For which Tenet Healthcare will be disbursing $32,400, hoping to receive the remaining $20,000 from the Dallas Chamber of Commerce.

As seen in the budget figure, we have a calculated contingency of up to $3,000 that can cover the variance of projected revenue from our concession stand, as well as any other possible emergency.

Our advertising cost is fairly small since we are mainly
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You can have increased energy for longer periods of time rather than having energy gained from foods that have high sugar levels or refined grains. Those foods provide increased energy levels but decline as soon as they peak, lead you to a state of fatigue. Foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc., are energy-sustaining. Also, eating healthy keeps your mind sharp since nutritious foods help maintain healthy brain activity and help it function at its highest potential. Keeping your mind sharp and active can lead you to feel better about your abilities as you grow older and helps you keep moving, which lowers your chances of getting depression. These are just a couple of examples.

How do you change an American lifestyle of eating fast food, like McDonald’s, that target kids with items like happy meals?
The advertising those companies do will always be around, so our opinion of what is your best bet is to just not give it to your children. They are not only lured by the food itself but also by the toys they would receive with those “happy meals” and the happiness they would gain if they got to eat the food. If you keep them off of it when they are young, they are more likely not going to eat it once they are older.

What are some reasons people fail to continue a healthy eating and fall back into their old

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