TEOCO Case Study

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TEOCO was founded by Atul Jain, provider of specialized software for telecommunication industry. The company through his senior management was actively looking for strategic partnership that will see the alliance excel .they had alliance with TA and in future also added TTI
Analysis and Discussion
The external factors had a great impact to TEOCO and they include the following; Finance: Due to partnership with TA associates which had resources and skill in this field it also revealed that the company owned $16 million year 2009 capital this really impressed Atul. Competition was also another factor in that after finding a new financial partner this helped company to get into the global market where it became competitive .subex and
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Through this the company was now able to approach a financial bank and acquire large capital. Atul before agreeing into terms with TA investment he approached the employees first and agreed with his consent. TA will receive a good return on investment in TEOCO.TEOCO had already created an enabling environment that greatly boost morale of employees. A-team, bonuses, stock ownership, compensation and HR practices and policies that are acceptable to all employees. Through stock ownership it has changed life of many employees since once they sell the stock they

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