Zar Supply Chain Management

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To start any business and to get success you should have good knowledge and plans about supply chain from raw material to consumer purchase. Also distribution system is ones of chain from others service to reach the product to consumer. Zara Company is one of famous company of fashion sector. Which is started by INDITEX group. It have branch in the world. In this assignment I will discuss all this points and will a played to ZARA.

Question 1:
Supply chain management (SCM) is the oversight of materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from provider to manufacturer to distributer to distributer to shopper. Supply chain management involves coordinating and desegregation these flows each inside
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But however way is it beneficial? What square measure benefits and disadvantages that Zara has compared to its competitors? The subsequent article deals with these queries and therefore the disadvantages of quick fashion.
Advantages of Zara
1. Short Production Time – ZARA can react quickly to recent trends and so offers additional trendy garments. Consequently, creates an incentive for the customers to go to the outlets additional usually.
2. Additional designs – More selection, and more possibilities for ZARA of touch it right.
3. Lower quantities – Scarce supply. A customer feels that he/she is going to wear one thing
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A horizontal integration consists of companies that acquire an analogous company within the same trade, while a vertical integration consists of corporations that acquire a corporation that operates either before or once the getting company within the production method.
When a company desires to grow through a consolidation, it is seeking to extend its size, diversify its product or service, achieve economies of scale, reduce competition, or gain access to new customers or markets. To do this, one company acquires another company of similar size and operations, in the same industry. Two nice examples of a consolidation ar the acquisition of Pixar by Walt Disney or the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook.
When a company desires to grow through a consolidation, it is seeking to strengthen its supply chain, reduce its production prices, capture upstream or downstream profits, or access downstream distribution channels. To do this, one company acquires another company that is either before or after it within the provide chain method. A great example of a consolidation is once Verizon and AT&T opened their own retail locations through

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