Case Study Of Social Media Orientation

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CAS Summer Marketing Strategy

Orientation is when most first year students start to feel excited and comfortable about coming to WMU. They meet new people, build lifelong relationship, and learn their way around campus.
The College of Arts and Science’s Marketing department seeks to gain more college pride and exposure on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram during orientation. We are looking to launch a social media contest during orientation 2016 starting June 2nd. Our hope is to have students follow us on social media and then receive a prize for following us or retweeting one of our tweets. We want to do a 2-phase social media plan. Phase one is to have a giveaway to students during orientation. Phase 2 have 2 social media contest right before students start to move in.

Phase 1 During phase one we want to have students follow our social media sites right in front of us. The plan would be to tell them about our twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts so that they could follow us. We will then select one or two winners and give them a little prize pack. Some examples of little prize packs would be a CAS embroidery patch and umbrella, or CAS water bottle and WMU t-shirt, or even just a WMU t-shirt. We want to do this during day two of orientation right
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The plan for these contests is to have students (primarily first year students) posting pictures or creating post that mention the college of arts and sciences or talks about WMU in a positive light. Students will be competing to get the most retweets, share or likes to win a big prize pack. Some ideas for items in one big prize packet would be; t-shirt, umbrella, water bottle, key chain, pens, pencils and sunglasses. The winners would come to the CAS advising office to retrieve their prizes once school starts. The goal is to create more reach to students at WMU and even people who do not go to

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