Case Study Of SEV Air's Marketing Industry

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In the section, is to be explained about applying the four Ps of product, place, price, and promotion into our airline. To introduce the correct marketing mix, the product has to be attractive, the price need to affordable, the place needs to be strategic, and the promotion need to be successful.
3.1 Product SEV AIR has a mixed fleet of ATR72 and Airbuses. It is important to maintain a good and competitive reputation in the industry by keeping up to date with new and bigger aircrafts. The product in SEV AIR always aims to have consistent and excellent service that will lead to rapid growth and revenues. SEV AIR has to ensure they maintain a well approach towards their customers from both professional and personal in the hope of giving a qualitative
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This will allow passengers to fill up their free time on board if they feel bored. When in-flight entertainment is covered, we then move on to food and beverage on board. As a low cost carrier, food and beverage should be separate from the fee paid for the ticket so, if the passenger wants to order something to dine, he or she has to pay on board and at that moment after receiving their order. This is what SEV AIR’s offers in their product and service. 3.2 …show more content…
This will ease students from having to travel all the way to the airport to purchase a ticket. As we all know that students normally study abroad, so with the presence of SEV AIR booth, the students can plan their booking directly with the airline personals on duty at those booths. Furthermore, SEV AIR aims to open an outlet at shopping malls since a mall consist of a huge crowd. Another strategic place to have a booth or outlet is at KL Sentral located in the capital state of Kuala Lumpur. At this specific location, many people pass through here as it is a main station for all trains so, more people will notice the airline. It will be convenient for customers as after they purchase their flight ticket, they can take train directly heading to the airport. The customer will avoid the trouble of walking far in the airport just to buy a

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