Case Study Of Royal Shell

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SHELL is one of the biggest oil and Gas Company in today’s oil and gas industry. It has two parent companies one being transport and trading (Shell Wikipedia, 2017) and other which I am interested and going to talk about is called as Royal Dutch petroleum company known as SHELL. Since last few decades gas exploration and production has become an important portfolio of Shell's business. Shell has acquired British Gas Group in year 2016 thus making it the world's largest producer of liquefied natural gas also known as LNG (Shell website, 2017). It is vertically integrated company and active in almost every sector of oil and gas i.e. right from exploration & production (both onshore and offshore) till refining, distribution as well as marketing. …show more content…
SHELL aims to overcome resistance and earn trust of the community and local people (ethnic groups as well) by taking necessary actions and investment. Various stakeholders and their values, perception, beliefs, fears and expectations are important parameters for SHELL’s analysis and incorporating them in company’s objectives and sustainability goals by balancing the needs of various stakeholders involved and formulate future business plans as well. SHELL listens to the grievances of communities and aims to reduce the operational as well as investment risks involved. However in recent times and especially in Nigerian and African region SHELL has been facing issues, resistance and hurdles in ‘Business strategic plans and operation plans’ as well. I feel that further research and help of consultants and experts is required in this area to grow further and sustain the development projects in future. A consultant will investigate external and internal environment in details which will also consider stakeholder influences and interest and concerns. So a thorough PESTLE, SWOT analysis & Porter’s five forces analysis for SHELL Nigeria is necessary (Rodrigo, 2013). Which is usually done and available only for SHELL as a whole group but not for SHELL NIGERIA. Also when stakeholders management (community and ethnic group management in particular) is involved then it is necessary to look into factors affecting them and one of the major factor is environment (land – {soil & farms}, water {potable, sea bed, ground water as well as water used for farming}, air pollution and diseases from them and impact on wild life, marine life as well. So consultant would also be involved in EIA- Environmental

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