Case Study Of Richard's Case

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Richard’s case is completely sensitive, anything that can be connected to his trial would be extremely important. So in order to make his legal process with a jury, Richard would have to make great life important decisions. We would need to find facts in which can direct the judge to not incarcerate him at all or just for a short period of time. This would be better than having Richard go through a bench trial. It’s not such a good option to for a judge to make the full decision because that judge can have his mind set on one decision from the beginning.
The key part for the defense side wouldn’t be whether Richard committed or didn’t commit the crime. The main focus would be what his mental state was when his mother was shot and killed. As
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I would not have Richard testify in order for him not to be questioned. The three people that I would put the most focus on would be number one Richard’s father and then it would be both his sisters. They would testify on how life was for them and how Richard’s father had a lot to do with the mistreatment. The case would focus on the horrible life that Richard had growing up. And that it’s shocking how his mother didn’t commit suicide just like Richard thought of doing. She wasn’t all mentally there either after the abandonment of her husband and her daughters moving …show more content…
Having his only family turn on him would be devastating and majorly case breaking for Richard. Richard would need not just his family, but any family friend that could help him in this case in order to keep him out of jail. It would be extremely important for Richard to speak up and say whether or not he would go on the stand. The reason for that would be because I would give him the best advice possible to keep him out of jail, but I would need him and want him to be involved. It wouldn’t be like how it happened where he was pretty much manipulated to take plea. When he had absolutely no recognition about his

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