Case Study Of Retail Clothing Store

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Register to read the introduction… Skipping or ignoring the legalities can only bring disaster to the business quickly. For a retail clothing store the legal issues are few ensuring the local city or county license requirements are met before opening the business. Insuring the business for at fault accidents should be considered also, thus protecting the business from liability during an accident. Although to open a small business, it is not required to have any documentation other than a business license from the city in which the business will be operated within, it is recommended that the owner have knowledge of how to run a business.
As a long-term goal and for future success, the company will want to move towards becoming environmental conscience with a designer that is reusing materials for the designers clothing line or accessories. Becoming environmental conscience is how Christina’s Unique Clothing Store will out-last the other boutiques in the area. Although, 51% new small business will survive the first five years, focusing early on what the company’s long-term goals can help the company stay focused on the future (Schaefer,
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There will always be that one or two patrons that are looking to save the environment and if the company can look to incorporate environmentally friendly designer clothing and accessories into the business, the business will be leading the future in clothing retail sales. For example, designer blue jeans become a designer purse; a designer silk shirt becomes a new designer pajama top. Reusing material is not a new idea however, creating new items from high-end designer clothing to create environmentally friendlier clothing or recycled designer clothing from the designer is, and if it is made exclusively for Christina’s Unique Clothing Store the company’s future is secured.
In conclusion, Christina’s Unique Clothing Store conducted an internal and external analysis using the SWOTT table (Fig 1.1), giving explanations on seven factors and named one factor to be considered as the major focus for each category. The SWOTT identified location and creativity in fashion as the strength and opportunity for Christina’s Unique Clothing Store and identified locating a wholesaler for the merchandise as a weakness, and legal and regulatory issues as a threat while identifying environmental conscience as a trend for the company to focus for the

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