Summary: Improving Performance At Sears

2. Pull together the data:
Often companies do track many nonfinancial measures so to avoid the redundancy of taking data they should take inventory of their database. The inventory should be flexible containing the information of various fields like customer service, purchasing, manufacturing control etc. It helps in eliminating vague definitions developing the organization as a whole. Sometimes, it does happen that the company lacks the necessary data for the articulating causal model. In that case officials first focus on such areas which develop the companies’ strategy (employee satisfaction) and boost its financial performance. Further, it takes steps for improving performance within a particular area (training). Lastly, it evaluates the
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For example Sears uses this approach; it developed a causal model and a scorecard focusing on employee relationship, customer satisfaction, and grades for shareholders. Through this and many other techniques, they were able to do a regression analysis for segregating the activities which were responsible for driving up the performance and validating the relationship in the causal model. The qualitative investigation concerning what is important to customers, suppliers, investors, employees and stakeholders are of ought most importance. For instance, an industry concluded that customer satisfaction with the billing system was the main driver for holding a customer. However, upon interviewing the customers, they revealed that it was never a big concern; instead technical assistance was the area that needs to be improved. Thus, the focus was then directed towards recruiting new technicians. This shows that for the best return, the need of investing in the financial measure was more important than spending resources in the non-financial …show more content…
The continuous analysis allows companies to alter and understand their performance measure in a better way. For example company can relate the increase in financial performance with low truancy but still the reason of failure to appear will remain unknown. According to the analysis of the relationship between company efforts and outcomes, managements were able to refine their existing process. This suggests that even though companies’ profit is increasing because of low truancy but, only because of non-financial technique the company is able to determine as to why the employees do not want to come to work which supports in forming a better work-place. A healthy environment is very much necessary for delivering the best work, which in turn will lead to increase in profit and generate revenue without financial investment.
5. Base actions on findings:
Eventually, based on the analysis companies should be able to decide whether nonfinancial performance is improving financial results. And based on the ground reality they should follow the one which is rewarding them in ample amount. For instance, for a company employee satisfaction was of ought most importance in generating revenue.
6. Assess

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