We Care About Your World Case Study

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Environmental Initiative
PharmaCARE’s new initiative pledge “We CARE about YOUR world”, is to appear their implementing a social responsibility when they are more concern about their own wellbeing. PharmaCARE’s initiative pledge and their current actions are contradicting. On one hand, they recycle and other green initiatives. However on the other hand, they are anti-environmental since they are against environmental laws and regulations. The environmental laws and regulations are set in place to protect and clean up the earth except they defeated those laws and regulations. Any one that truly cares about the world would understand why laws and regulations is a must but not PharmaCARE. Also their pledge “We CARE about YOUR world” says
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Care ethics primary attention is on the relationship over any other factors. The executives lived on a luxury compound away from the indigenous people demonstrate they didn’t care about building, strengthening and maintaining a strong relationship. By being away from them, the executives did not get a chance to understand why they live like they do. To build a relationship you must find some common ground to be able to relate to each other, which could not be done in separate living arrangements. PharmaCARE focused their attention on other factors before on a …show more content…
However only Nike has the reputation for being unethical. According to Max Nisen, “Nike has become a global symbol of abusive labor practices (Nisen, 2013)”. However PharmaCARE corporate actives are worse than Nike. Nike and PharmaCARE both exploits poor countries with low cost labor to magnify their profits. Business and Society Review reported as a full worker with Nike makes $1.60 a day (Arnold & Hartman, 2003). While PharmaCARE is only $1.00 a day. PharmaCARE is causing low income with the Colberia with the low wage, however in the states offer free and discounted drugs to low income consumers. PharmaCARE operates on a double standard by robbing the low income to give to another low income. PharmaCARE should pay the people what they are worth. Unlike Nike, PharmaCARE has control and can implement an action plan to correct abusive labor practices since they aren’t outsourcing their product like Nike. In addition Nike outsourcing is known for sweatshops with physical assaults and underage workers. Although there is no reports of physical assaults and underage workers, PharmaCARE is also a sweatshop. PharmaCARE is a sweatshop since their workers walk five miles while carrying baskets weighing up to fifty pounds. Both PharmaCARE and Nike should be a global symbol of abusive labor

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