Case Study Of Organizational Culture At NASA

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Register to read the introduction… It is clear that decision about foam issue was made based on communication with Linda Ham, stating that in previous flights had no critical problems with foam. Dittemore did not attempt to receive a professional opinion from the engineers. Furthermore, Rocha sent an e-mail to Dittemore in order to determine whether Columbia’s crew could make a space walk to perform an inspection of the wing. Answer to this e-mail was never received suggesting that communication attempts directly from engineers to high-level managers were rejected. NASA is a complex organization that maintains strict reporting relationship. Information exchange is built on hierarchy and rules did not facilitate fast informal communication between employees and high-level management. This filtering process diminished the information flow to the key decision-makers. To solve this hierarchical structure managers like Dittemore should exaggerate their ambiguous threats, avoid status differences and build trust among employees. Managers ought to communicate with specialists in order to obtain reliable information and understand the …show more content…
He discounted the risk of damage from debris by sending e-mail stating that debris is not a problem. However, Schomburg was not an expert on RCC panels, which suggest that he should seek an expert opinion before distribution of such an e-mail. During discussion with Rocha Schomburg denied possibility of severe damage and reluctance to make further investigation. Taking into consideration hierarchy at NASA he tried to avoid bringing bad news to the management and accept high risk by demonstrating previous successful flights. His actions can be described as seeking job security but in the long run these actions could cause failure.

e) Don McCormack

Don McCormack, manager of Mission Evaluation Room (MER), was evaluating DAT findings about foam issue. He relied on DAT information and presented it to MMT. He mentioned that results of the simulation showed possible damage and have to be addressed. DAT finding suggested repair of the Orbiter and accordingly delay on flights schedule. Based on information, presented in the case I think that McCormack did a good job delivering the message to the high-level management and consulting with specialists like Rocha.

f) Linda

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